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March 2011

Rochester, N.Y. - Graphic communications firm Bryant Graphics ended an existing lease on a competitive device to purchase Xerox Corporation's iGen4 EXP press. The full-service print shop in Minnesota used to outsource six-page brochures to larger printing companies and get them back two to four days later. "Now, with the iGen4 EXP press we can produce them ourselves within hours," said Joel Johnson, president and Chief Operating Officer, Bryant Graphics. "The press drastically cuts turnaround time and our customers are noticing."

NewPage Corporation announced that Productolith Pts. Digital paper is now HP Indigo certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and available in an expanded cover offering. In addition to the HP Indigo certification, Productolith Pts. Digital is guaranteed and qualified for other top digital equipment manufacturers including Xerox and Kodak.

PURCHASE, New York -- Central National-Gottesman Inc. today announced that its Lindenmeyr Munroe division has acquired the assets and business of Hudson Valley Paper Company, one of upstate New York and New England's oldest and most respected fine paper merchants. Hudson Valley is headquartered in Albany, NY, where it maintains its principal warehouse and administrative offices.  The company also operates warehouses and sales offices in Rochester, NY; Burlington, VT; and Hartford, CT.