Central National-Gottesman renews CarbonNeutral® Certificate

PURCHASE, New York (October 2014)—Central National-Gottesman (CNG) continues to integrate environmental protection and sustainability into their core business philosophy by the renewal of their CarbonNeutral® office Certificate. CNG’s corporate office has measured greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduced them to net zero through internal change and carbon offsetting by adhering to CarbonNeutral® Protocol.

As a CarbonNeutral® company, it is required to precisely measure your carbon footprint and not only develop, but also commit to a reduction strategy to ensure activities will not result in an increase in GHG emissions.

As part of CNG, Lindenmeyr Munroe is proud of the numerous environmental initiatives implemented over the years and continues to work aggressively to reduce its carbon footprint, expand recycling programs and reduce its fossil fuel consumption to further protect the environment.