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Suppliers of tissue and towel products have traditionally focused on the amount of recycled fiber content of these products when making environmentally conscious purchase decisions. The current thinking is: If a product is recycled, then it must be good for the environment, and the more recycled content there is, the better. Certainly, utilizing recycled fiber helps to reduce the demand on natural forests, so it is always good to think about recycling. However, is using recycled fiber the only solution? Are there other strategies that can help us reduce pressure on forests?

We are pleased to report that Central National-Gottesman Inc. and our Lindenmeyr divisions recently completed a carbon footprint assessment and have committed to offsetting 100% of our corporate office emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets. This initiative to make our Purchase, NY office CarbonNeutral® further signifies our dedication to reducing our environmental impact.

PURCHASE, New York, December 14, 2009 (press release) — Central National-Gottesman Inc. today announced that its Lindenmeyr Munroe division has signed a letter of intent to acquire the Hudson City division of Frank Parsons, Inc., based in West Caldwell, New Jersey. The acquisition is expected to close on or before December 31, 2009.

Public opinion polls show that concern about the environment rises and falls based on the state of the economy and other factors, but concern about the negative impacts associated with using paper and printing continues to rise. Nothing captures the essence of these feelings more vividly than the signature line appearing at the foot of more and more emails: "Please consider the environment before printing this email."